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Camellia Seed Organic Carrier Oil.

Camellia Seed Organic Carrier Oil.

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Botanical Name: Camellia Oleifera.
Part of the plant: Seeds.
Extraction Method: Cold Pressed.
Color: golden yellow.
Aroma: not very pronounced
Organic: Made without pesticides, GMO's, or hexane.
Shell life: two years.
Ingredients: Camellia seed oil, 100% Pure with no additives or carriers added.

Proven evidence suggests that camellia oil is a most effective multi-purpose moisturizer.

USE: After cleansing your face, apply 3-4 drops of camellia oil to face and throat every morning and night. Can be used around the eyes to diminish puffiness, dark circles and fine lines. Massage gently and thoroughly until completely absorbed. Use alone or follow with a sunscreen as desired. Shampooing on still wet hair, apply 3-4 drops to hair and scalp. Then wrap your hair in a hot towel for 20 minutes or 30 minutes for long hair. No need to rinse it off.
Stretch marks: apply to affected area twice a day. Massage in circular motion until completely absorbed.

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  • Description

    Product Description

    A wild flower which grows in China and Japan. This natural plant oil contains anti-oxidants that help to revitalize and rejuvenate the hair and skin. One of the best kept secrets in the cosmetic industry. For Camellia oil protects the skin from free radical damage, refines mature skin, and nourishes the complexion. It is easily absorbed by the skin, leaving it silky smooth without the greasy feeling. The unique make-up of the oil allows it to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin; much like water, leaving it smooth and supple. The non-drying and non-clogging oil is very rich in mono-saturated essential fatty acids. It is particularly high in oleic acid that exceeds the level of olive oil. Camellia oil possesses a unique active constituent known as Squalane. Squalane is also an important component of the skin’s natural emollient system. A deficiency of Squalane can result in dry skin and premature aging , resulting in wrinkles and sagging skin. Camellia oil is an excellent emollient and wonderful skin moisturizer. For centuries Camellia Oil has been used as a traditional hair conditioner and also as a treatment to strengthen brittle nail.

    30ml bottles are aluminum.

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Aroma Celesta Essential Oils Are 100% Pure and Natural
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