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Cognac White Extra Essential Oil

Cognac White Extra Essential Oil

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Botabical Name: Vitis vinifera L.
Familly: Vitacée
Origin: France. Cognac, Charente.
Part of Plant: grape,fruit.
Extraction Method: steam distillation.
Cognac Essential Oil: is derived from the same grapes used to produce Cognac (Brandy).
Color: Yellowish to greenish liquid
Aroma: Strong, fruity. Woody
Appearance: Clear mobile liquid.
Composition: pélargonate éthylique

Mixes well with: bergamot, coriander, galbanum, lavender, linalool, clary sage, and Ylang ylang.

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  • Description

    Product Description

    Cognac is the most famous brandy in the world, originates from west of France. V.S.O.P at least four and a half years old. White cognac essential oil is produced by distillation of cognac brandy. It is a rare oil that is used frequently in the flavoring and perfumery industry.

    Cognac essential oil has a strong dry, tart, wine-like aroma and is used as a base in fragrances. There are two different cognac essential oils: white cognac and green cognac. Green cognac is similar to white cognac in aroma and effect, but it has a beautiful light green color and is a little more tart. They both provide lift and help change certain notes in perfume blends.

    Use: Cognac is highly recommended for natural perfumers and tiny amounts of the essential oil have been used in perfumes and flavors to give “lift” and impart a fresh, fruity natural note to fragrances, after-shave, and colognes.


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