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Eucalyptus Essential Oil Pure Aromatherapy

Eucalyptus Essential Oil Pure Aromatherapy

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Botanical Name: Eucalyptus Globulus.
Family: Myrtaceae
Plant parts: wood and leaves
Country: Australia.
Method of extraction:
Color: pale yellow.
Aroma: strong, herbaceous and woody.

Eucalyptus Globulus: is an evergreen mostly found in Australia, with long and narrow bluish leaves and yellow flowers.

Blends well with: Cajeput, Cedarwood, Citronella, Ginger, Lavender, Lemon, Myrtle, Frankincense, Spearmint and Tea Tree.

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  • Description

    Product Description


    Eucalyptus oil has a cooling effect on the body, helping with fevers, migraine and malaria. For the respiratory tract, it helps with coughs, asthma, throat infections, sinusitis and catarrhal conditions. It soothes inflammation and eases mucus, clearing the head from the stuffiness of colds and hay fever…For the skin it is used for burns, blisters, herpes, cuts, wounds, skin infections and insect bites. It is very useful in cases of, colds, flu and measles. It also helps the immune system, and has a refreshing and stimulating action on the mind, helping to improve concentration.

    30ml bottles are aluminum.

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    Additional Information


    17 ml, 30ml

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