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Ledum Groenlandicum Essential Oil

Ledum Groenlandicum Essential Oil


Botanical Name:  Ledum groenlandicum

Part of the Plant: Leaves and flowers

Method of Extraction:  Steam

Essential oil characteristics: slightly yellowish clear liquid with a very complex and unusual smell.

Aroma: herbaceous flavor but not green. The flavor is astringent and sweet and sour.

Components: Limonene components, sabinene, ß-selinene, bornyl acetate

Properties of Ledum groenlandicum essential  oil are those of a powerful anti inflammatory,possibly anti-tumor. It is also very effective as an antispasmodic, antibacterial, liver draining and regenerator. Ledum groenlandicum essential  oil  is decongestant and antiseptic.

Ledum essential oil has also been used with some regularity at a remedy for weight gain along with edema skin conditions and to support proper thyroid function.

Blends well With: lemon, bergamot, fennel and grapefruit.

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  • Description

    Product Description


    It is used in cases of liver toxicity of circulatory origin, mild liver failure, viral hepatitis, enteritis and flatulence. He also used to treat nephritis toxemic, microbial nephritis, the gravel , infectious prostate and prostate congestion.

    Lebdum is indicated in cases of insomnia , nervousness, spasms of the solar plexus, thyroid imbalance and allergy.

    Ledum Essential oil is remarkably effective in controlling  emotions. It helps dissolve energy blockages and promotes awakening to oneself. Applied to the throat chakra, it helps to speak the truth; on the front, it facilitates knowledge and understanding. Combined with bergamot oil, it contributes to spiritual healing.


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    Additional Information


    10ml, 5ml

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