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Oregano Pure Organic

Oregano Pure Organic

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Botanic Name: Origanum Compactum Beth.
Origin: Turkey
Part of plant: herb and flowers.
Extraction method: cold Pressed, steam distilled, chemical Free.
Aroma: powerful, spicy,herbaceous.
Color: thin, dark grey liquid.
Cotents: carvacrol. thymol. y-terpinene. p-cymene.

Blends Well With:

Bay, bergamot, camphor, cedarwood, chamomile, citronella, cypress, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, litsea cubeba, oakmoss, orange, petitgrain, pine, rosemary, tea tree, thyme


Put 5 drops ol oil in a bowl of hot water for inhalation against colds and flu.


always dilute significantly the essential oil of oregano in vegetable oil because it can be irritating.

Safety Data:

May cause skin irritation. Avoid while pregnant.

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  • Description

    Product Description

    Oregano is a perennial herb, growing to about thirty-two inches. The leaves are dark green and oval in shape, and it has a profusion of pink flowers clustered at the top of the branches. Oregano, also known as wild marjoram, is closely related to sweet marjoram. Oregano is shrubby and tends to spread by invasive undergrowth stems. oregano grow in the Mediterranean climates. It is occasionally found around the sites of very old gardens or abandoned farms.


    Oregano oil is used as a natural nutritional supplement for the management of acne, allergies, arthritis, asthma, athlete’s foot, constipation, croup, digestive disturbances, insect bites, bronchitis, canker sores, colds, flu, earaches, fatigue, gum disease, headaches, menstrual irregularities, muscle pain, parasites, pneumonia, psoriasis, toenail fungus, toothache, seborrhea, staph & strep infection, strep throat, ringworm, rosacea, sinusitis, and warts.

    30ml bottles are aluminum.

  • Additional information

    Additional Information


    10ml, 17 ml

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