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Patchouli Pure Organic Essential Oil

Patchouli Pure Organic Essential Oil

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Patchouli grows well in warm to tropical climates. It thrives in hot weather, but not direct sunlight. The
tiny seeds may be harvested for planting, but they are very delicate and easily crushed.

Botanical Name:

Pogostemon cablin Extraction. Extraction of Patchouli’s essential oil is by steam distillation of the leaves, requiring rupture of its cell walls by steam scalding, light fermentation, or drying. Leaves may be harvested several times a year, and when dried may be exported for distillation. Some sources claim a highest quality oil is usually produced from fresh leaves distilled close to where they are harvested; others that baling the dried leaves and fermenting them for a period of time is best.

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  • Description

    Product Description

    <Uses:/b> Patchouli is used widely in modern perfumery and modern scented industrial.Two important
    components of its essential oil are patchoulol and norpatchoulenol.

    Patchouli essential oil is a musty, sweet, spicy, heavy scent. It is relaxing, uplifting, soothing and is
    believed to be an aphrodisiac. Patchouli oil has a beneficial effect on the skin, helping with infections and
    insect bites, and with stress related problems and addictions. It is great for acne, inflamed, cracked or
    mature skin. Patchouli aids in treatment of oily skin, hair, scalp disorders, eczema, and wrinkles. A scent
    of the 60s. Our patchouli oil is USDA certified organic.

    Insect repellent One study suggests that patchouli oil may serve as an all-purpose insect repellent.
    More specifically, the patchouli plant is claimed to be a potent repellent against the Formosan subterranean termite.

    Blends well with:

    Sandalwood, Bergamot, Cedarwood, Rose, Sweet Orange, Cassia, Myrrh, Opopanax,
    and Clary Sage.

    30ml bottles are aluminum.

  • Additional information

    Additional Information


    17 ml, 30ml

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