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Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

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Botanical name: Chamaemelum nobile
Plant Part: Flower
Extraction Method: Steam Distillation
Chemical composition: D-Limonene
Origin: Hungary
Culture: Conventional
Color: Light yellow
Properties: Better Breathing. Respiratory allergy Action. Better digestion. Antispasmodic: helps relieve pain spasms, bloating, colitis, heartburn. Anti-nausea
Pest control: Antifungal

Helps relieve itching, irritation

Sleep and Energy. Anti-stress. Sleep inducement. Fight against anxiety, promotes well-being
Can be used in children’s hyperactivity. Fight against agitation, irritability, hysterical, baby blues.
Use: Dry inhalation 1 drop on a handkerchief to breathe deeply. 1 drop under the tongue for stress
1 drop on a sugar swallowing against nausea, sleep disorder, anxiety, allergic rhinitis, intestinal parasites.
Massage: 5 drops in 20 ml of vegetable oil massaged into the solar plexus to calm anxiety nervousness.

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  • Description

    Product Description

    Roman Chamomile oil is known to be antispasmodic, anti-stress, fight against anxiety, insomnia, nervous spasms, neuralgia. Roman Chamomile essential oil is also used as anti-inflammatory in cases of arthritis pain, headaches, sprains. Roman Chamomile or Camomile Noble is a plant that grows in Western Europe and in the west of France. It should not be confused with German chamomile, which has other virtues and modes of uses.


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    Additional Information


    10 ml, 17ml

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